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Category List
About Us
    The mission of the Office of Student Affairs is to ensure the quality of students’ life on campus. The Office of Student Affairs includes services such as an extracurricular activities division, student counseling center, student health center, financial assistance division, career center, as well as many others. 
Campus Security Center
    The Campus Security Center is in charge of the security of the campus, including maintaining the campus security system, traffic safety, anti-scam activities, student housing affairs, dormitory disaster prevention activities, and student military service affairs. 
Military Education Center
    The Center is in charge of military education and courses, student moral education, student rewards and punishments, student absences, and school safety activities, including non-smoking, anti-drug, AIDS prevention, anti-alcohol and betel nut campaigns.  
Health Center
    The mission of this Center is to provide medical and healthcare services offered to the students. Our work includes three major areas: Health Services, Health Education, and Environmental Health.  The Center provides our students and faculty with a healthy and safe campus environment.  Also, the Center will inspect the school drinking fountains regularly. The center will provide health examinations and follow up on any abnormal physical conditions that new and transfer students may have. The Center will also provide consultations for health issues, vaccine injections information, contracted medical center information, disease prevention and education, health insurance and many other services.